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Project Description


Located in the Valley, the capital of Anguilla and the government and commercial center of the island.  The new vision of Ronald Webster Park is to create a new heart of the The Valley. The project consists of multiple commercial, one storey buildings set along the street, a large urban plaza, a stadium building, an administration/players building and a maintenance building.  There are 2,500 bleacher seats at the stadium building, 250 bleacher seats at the administration/players building and 1,350 grass seats.  On the north west is a splash pad and play area.

Between the concession buildings and the stadium is an outdoor plaza.  The Plaza provides a much needed ‘town square’ for The Valley, a space where multiple different activities can occur; from music events, casual dining, outdoor lectures, fairs, political gatherings, Christmas Tree lighting and events etc.  The paved plaza will have a stage at the east end, concessions on both sides and trees.  Two large restrooms on the west and east side provide much needed public restroom facilities for the Valley.

The stadium is intended to be used for many different events.  It has a processional central entry point which lends itself to carnival celebrations as well as formal celebrations such as Anguilla Day, parades and the Queen’s Birthday. 

The stadium has three points of entry with ticket booths.  The ground floor has a colonnade circulation with additional concessions, restrooms and storage.  Two large cisterns are located below the bleachers to provide water for the entire facility and the irrigation system for the field.  The second level is an elevated outdoor area with two large bars and areas for table seating and concession carts.  Access to this floor and the third level is via four sets of stairs and two elevators.  The third level has eight VIP rooms, each with a restroom, kitchenette and balcony.  At the center of this floor is a media room, also with restroom, kitchenette and large balcony.  The balconies and upper bleacher seating is covered by canopies.

Location: The Valley, Anguilla

Total Size: 8.3 acres

Construction Cost: TBD

Owner: Government of Anguilla

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