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Project Description


Ransom Everglades School was founded in 1903 and has become one of the premier independent day schools in the country.   Started by Paul Ransom, the school remains committed to his values of environmental stewardship, public service and community involvement.  Located on the water, the high school property has wonderful breezes throughout the year.  The new Dining Hall replaces the small, outdated, existing dining hall.  


The urban aspects of the campus were considered in the planning and conceptual design: flow of students through the campus, adjacent building entry points, covered (lack of covered) connections, views to La Brisa, overall building massing on the site and existing campus materials palate.  The new Dining Hall building is sized for a maximum of two lunch seatings, with the possibility of dividing the interior dining hall to allow for smaller functions and additional program uses.  There is interior seating for 392 with an additional 92 covered exterior seats.  The design includes 2 separate server stations with salad bar and fountain drinks, pizza ovens, a snack bar, bookstore and restrooms.

Location: Coconut Grove, Florida

Total Size: 15,000 SF

Construction Cost: $10,000,000.00

Owner: Ransom Everglades School

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