Address: 2655 S Le Jeune Rd, Suite 607, Coral Gables, FL, 33134                Office: 786 717 7100                 Website:                 AA26002456

Carty Architecture, is a multidisciplinary design and planning firm committed to enriching lives through the enhancement of our built environment.  Our mission is to further our clients’ objectives by providing innovative designs; unique solutions based upon program, site, function and imagination.  The firm’s designs are informed by community and the people and places reflected in our global environment.

Our reputation is built upon the strength of our portfolio, our people, and the personal relationships formed with our clients.  Our work ethic emphasizes a respect for culture, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to enhancing the team’s overall project experience.  As a result, our design solutions stem from effective communication with all team members and the drive to collaboratively create enduring spaces and architecture. 

We are recognized for excellence in planning, design, and execution within a wide range of services for an even wider range of project types including: higher education, athletic facilities, civic, workplaces, aviation, cultural institutions, branding, and master planning.  The opportunity for innovation exists within the context of each project. 


Carty Architecture, is a woman owned Architectural and Interior Design firm located in Coral Gables, Florida, founded by Judy Carty.  Prior to starting Carty Architecture, Judy Carty was a Principal and shareholder at an Architectural, Planning, Interior Design and Landscape firm with offices in Miami and Orlando. During her eight years as Principal at that firm, she was the Principal-In-Charge and Architect of Record for the projects in the firm’s Miami office.

Our Staff understands the processes and technical solutions involved in creating a seamless project.  Their individual knowledge and experience jointly informs every project; we combine the depth of experience with a culture of knowledge sharing.  We create drawings which clearly and succinctly communicate design and detail intent, with a focus on constructability.

Clients and consultants are joint partners in our search for the solution that best fits the needs of the project. Our designs result from a creative interactive process with each member of the team.  Each project is undertaken with the aim of forging long-term relationships with all members of the team; our clients and sub-consultants as well as the project’s contractors and subcontractors.  We believe that working together, with mutual respect for each other’s skills and expertise, produces the most successful projects.